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Wills & Estate Planning

A properly prepared Will is the cornerstone of an Estate Planning Package which commonly also includes an Enduring Power of Attorney, Living Will and, sometimes, a Representation Agreement.

Elements of the process.

Wherein you:

  • Appoint an executor to administer your property when you pass away, to pay your debts and distribute your property in accordance with your wishes
  • Appoint a guardian for your children under the age of 19 years (if both parents pass away)

Wherein you appoint a person to help make day-to-day decisions re:

  • All or some of your legal and financial affairs, major transactions such as selling or mortgaging real estate and minor day-to-day bill payments etc. With or without restrictions.

Wherein you appoint a person to help make day-to-day decisions re: :

  • Health care matters - medications, tests, dental care, minor or major surgery, end-of-life care
  • Personal care matters - living arrangements, safety, diet, dress, exercise, activities
  • Legal affairs - obtaining & instructing legal counsel, commencing or settling a claim
  • Day-to-day finances: paying monthly expenses, banking, dealing with Canada Revenue and managing finances

Section 7 but with more detailed directions regarding your health and personal care:

  • Can authorize refusal of resuscitation, life support or specified medical treatment options
  • Can authorize less common medical procedures (electroconvulsive ‘shock’ therapy (ECT), abortion, experimental treatments, psychosurgery, participation in a health care or medical research program not approved in BC, or negative stimuli therapy to produce a change in behavior

Wherein you declare your intentions to health care providers:

  • With respect to end-of-life decision, a precondition to admission to a hospice or palliative care ward, an alternative to a signed Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) form


Legal fees are listed below. Third party costs, such as marriage certificates, private detectives, skip tracing, process servers and court costs (about $290) are extra. If matters become contested or agreements take more than 3 hours to finalize, extra time will be charged at $240 to $360 hour based on the seniority of the lawyer.

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Legal Fees for Documents Below*
One Document
Pair of Documents
Last Will and Testament (Simple)
Power of Attorney
DNR (Living Will) Purchased with a Will
All Three Documents Above
All Three Documents Above for Seniors (65 and up)
Representation Agreement
* wills registration, disability or spendthrift trusts, life estates, taxes and disbursements not included

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