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We know you're excited to purchase your new property. We've put together a service that helps to remove problems to help make the process as seamless as possible.

Here's what we review.

Removal of subject conditions

We review the “subjects” or conditions precedent in the contract of purchase and sale. These conditions, often for the benefit of the buyers, must be waived or fulfilled before the obligation to purchase the property becomes legally binding. 

Strata-titled home

Strata titled homes have unique fees that apply, some as a requirement of the Land Title Office, others by the strata corporation, and others by lenders. We review all necessary forms and fees for you to ensure these obligations are satisfied. 

New constructions

Newly constructed homes attract GST and there are costs associated with cheque certification and courier charges as required by new home developers. Property Transfer Tax applies, but is reduced for homes valued at less than $750,000. 

Things to keep in mind.

If you're a first time buyer...

You might qualify for the First Time Home Buyers Property Transfer Tax Exemption. To qualify you must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident who has lived in BC for at least 12 months (or has filed two income tax returns) and the purchase price of the home must be less than $525,000 (for a partial exemption) or $500,000 (for a full exemption).

Special or business purposes

If you plan to use the property for a special or business purpose, or have concerns about the past or future use of the property - we recommend that you make enquiries of the planning, building, fire and bylaw enforcement departments of your district or municipal hall to ascertain whether there are building, bylaw or fire code violations or work orders outstanding against the property.

Legal and third party costs

The table below sets out our legal fees and applicable taxes for typical transactions.  Additional fees may apply for a purchase of new construction or rushed, postponed or disputed matters.  Third party costs are always an extra client expense and are explained on the next page. Click the book appointment button or call us so we can help you estimate the legal fees, taxes and third-party costs for your transaction.

Legal Fees
Home Sale
Home Sale with Mortgage
Home Purchase
Home Purchase with Mortgage
Mobile Home Purchase
Mortgage Alone
Mortgage with Discharge (Refinance)
Discharge of Mortgage/Lien alone
Transfer to Family Member

Closing costs & adjustments.

This sheet will help you estimate your CLOSING COSTS – legal costs, third party costs and buyer’s adjustments which you will experience when buying a property. We will prepare a Statement of Adjustments for each sale or purchase which shows all of your closing costs and how they are customarily shared between buyer and seller in accordance with the Contract of Purchase and Sale:

  • Property taxes for the entire calendar year are payable in full in the first week of July (the “due date”) - if you buy the property before the due date, the actual or estimated property taxes payable for each day of the year will be calculated (the “per diem amount”) and the seller will provide the buyer with a property tax credit in the per diem amount for each day the seller has occupied the property in the calendar year – if you buy the property after the due date, you will have to pay the seller the per diem amount for each day that you will occupy the property in the calendar year
  • Property tax prepayments made by the seller, or their mortgage lender, and any overpayments, will be factored into the property tax adjustment and any property tax or utility account in arrears will be paid from the seller’s sale proceeds
  • Utilities which are billed as a single (bulk) charge are adjusted in the same manner as property taxes although their due date is by the first week of April
  • Metered utilities require the seller’s lawyer or notary to be put on an undertaking to pay the cost of the meter reading, and the seller’s share of metered water or sewer utilities, from the seller’s sale proceeds
  • Property Transfer Tax:  1% on first $200,000 of purchase price and 2% on the remainder UNLESS EXEMPTED because the buyer qualifies as a first time buyer, or is buying a newly built home, or a property is being transferred to an executor, administrator, spouse, child, child’s spouse or grandchild of the transferor
  • Property Transfer Tax is payable but is reduced to as little as zero for newly-built homes under $750,000
  • GST is payable but is reduced from 5% to as little as 3.25% for new homes under $450,000
  • Cheque certification and courier charges are an extra expense item required by new home developers
  • GST is payable on new, rental or commercial properties
  • Strata Form F Certificate of Payment $30 and up (required by Land Title Office)
  • Strata Form B Information Certificate $60 and up (required by Lenders)
  • Move-in or Move-out fees of $100 and up (required by Strata Corporation)
  • Title Insurance $179 and up (if required by Lender)
  • Insurance Binder Certificates of $35 and up (always required by Lender)
  • Lender deductions which might include interest adjustments, lender’s legal costs, CMHC insurance premium, application, commitment, appraisal, courier, wire transfer, broker and/or administration fees
  • Drafting or amending Contracts of Purchase and Sale ($300 per hour)
  • Paying out unsecured lines of credit or credit cards, if required by Lender ($75 per payout)
  • Ascertaining municipal zoning, bylaw, fire or permit requirements
  • Land Title Office fees, charges, encumbrances or plans;  strata forms, minutes, bylaws, rules, regulations 
  • Fees for maintaining and administering holdbacks for strata levies, builders lien, deficiencies, escrow closings or CRA clearance certificates, negotiating extensions of time, escrow closings, holdbacks or the resolution of any deficiency or builders lien claim

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